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Music Program

Music and many other subjects are highly intertwined. It acts as a positive role in children’s physical and mental development. We teach our kids how to play, how to enjoy and most importantly, how to best use music to benefit themselves in a life long journey. 


At Ocean Rain we offer classes in Flute, Piano, guitar and many more. Your child will learn from an RCM Certified Music Instructor who is a member of the BC Registered Teacher’s Association and who’s goal is to inspire students to observe the importance of foundational techniques, to explore in possibilities of the musical creation, and to enjoy their own music making.


Ocean Rain Children’s Choir is the very first bilingual (English & Mandarin) children’s choir on Vancouver Island. Since it was founded in 2016, the choir has received a lot of public attention and performed in many music festivals and events. The learning outcome is to foster healthy singing habit, enhance comprehensive musicianship, and encourage team spirit, with a focus on multicultal music and diverse genres.

Parent & Tot Music (Age: 0-3) (Waitlist)

Introduce the amazing world of music through movements and activities. Bond with your child in a different way!

Saturday. 11:00am- 12:00pm

Price: Drop In $18/lesson; $120/session, includes 8 classes

Early Childhood Music (Age: 3-5)(Waitlist)

Build a foundation of comprehensive musicianship for young children. Prepare them for further music learning in the future.

Saturday. 9:45am- 10:45 am

Price: Drop In $18/lesson; $90/ 6 classes; $120/ 8 classes; 

Session 1: TBA

Session 2: TBA

Session 3: TBA

Session 4: TBA

Kinderflute (Age: 4-10)

Kinderflute teaches children on real flutes from the start. Fantastic breathing exercises, games, and parental involvement encourage learning to be fun and successful. It is designed to teach flute in the best manner possible for young children. It, therefore, has two components:

1) Weekly Group Class (3-5 children), 45 minutes
2) Weekly Individual Lesson, 30 minutes (various time to choose)

Group class is on Saturdays 10:15am- 11:00pm

Price: Drop In $50/week; $480/session (Sep.7th – Dec.21st, 2019)

Choir Level 1 (Age:5-8) 

Teach singing techniques and build a healthy singing habit. Foster great team spirit. 

Sunday. 1:30pm-2:30pm

Price: Drop In $18/lesson, Monthly $65/month, Yearly $550/school year ($55/ month)

Choir Level 2 (Age 5+ *By Audition Only)

Teach singing techniques and build a healthy singing habit. Foster great team spirit. 

Time: Sunday 1:30pm-3:00pm 

Price: Drop In $23/lesson, Monthly $85/month, Yearly $700/school year ($70/ month)

Our Music Instructors
Kathy Rogers
Music Instructor


  • University of Victoria – Bachelor of  Music degree
  • University of British Columbia – Master of  Music degree
  • Certified Kinderflute teacher 

Teaching Philosophy: 

I love music and I’m guessing you probably do too! My students know that finding joy in music is what playing the flute is all about. Whether you are preparing for a graded RCM exam, school band or simply learning the flute because of all the good things music does to us, my goal will always be to make sure music lights a spark inside. I look forward to joining you on your musical journey!

Headshot_Natasha round
Natasha Pashchenko
Guitar Instructor


University of Victoria- BFA  in Classical Guitar Performing

Natasha began her music studies in Russia and graduated with a diploma in piano at the age of sixteen. In 2003, she moved to Vancouver and pursued Linguistics at UBC as her field of study. After working in a corporate environment for a few years, she returned to music as a life path, this time through discovering classical guitar. Natasha has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Victoria under the tutelage of Dr. Alexander Dunn.

Natasha has taught piano and classical guitar privately since 2008. She welcomes all ages and levels and strives to accommodate a student’s interests while providing a well-balanced music experience. When teaching, she enjoys combining multiple aspects of music education: performance, theory, composition, dictation, improvisation.
An eager music enthusiast, Natasha has been involved in various performance projects, served as a director on the board of Vancouver Classic Guitar Society, and organized various music events in Victoria. She was Classical Guitar Section Head for two years for the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival in 2015 and 2016. Currently, she is actively involved with the Victoria Guitar Society, a non-profit organization that provides concerts, education, and performance opportunities for the Victoria community.