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Fitness Program

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Ballet Fitness

Adult Ballet Fitness

Get in shape while experiencing the beauty and grace of classical ballet in this fun and inspiring class! Adult Ballet Fitness will focus on developing ballet fundamentals like balance, posture and movement fluidity, as well as incorporating additional exercises for conditioning, strength, and flexibility. Beginners and more experienced students welcome.

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Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness

Experience a fun and challenging total body workout in this upbeat class! Barre Fitness combines elements of ballet, pilates, as well as flexibility and strength training. The exercises incorporate the ballet barre to sculpt and tone your body, promoting a long, lean muscular form. Exercises will be adapted to individual levels to ensure that beginner to advanced students experiences a great workout!

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Chinese Aerobic Dance

Chinese Aerobic Dance is a mix of ethnic, folk, classical, and line dances from different parts of China. If you are looking for a fitness program that is fun, fast-paced, energetic, but also very informative about Chinese culture, this would be a great fit.

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Adult Tai Chi

Taijiquan is a Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health by more than 150 million people from more than 150 countries and regions around the world. The term taiji refers to a philosophy of yin and yang. It has good effects on health and wellness:
· improving the nerves and circulatory system
· enhancing heart function
· expanding lung capacity
· improving people’s balance ability
· preventing osteoporosis
· regulating the body’s overall functions, thereby delaying aging.

Ning Zhang

JY grew up in South Korea, and she is very active in dance and fitness. She graduated from Seoul Woman’s University with a specialization in dance and aerobic sport and was part of the varsity aerobics gymnastics team. JY is a certified Zumba dance and fitness classes for the past three years. She has a great passion for exercise, dance and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Ashely Evans

Ashley is a graduate of the Quinte Ballet School of Canada’s Professional Division, as well as training professionally at The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, The School of Alberta Ballet, and in International Ballet Masterclasses. Ashley had been a Principal Dancer with Canadian Pacific Ballet from 2007-2012, and is currently Director and Principal Dancer with Ballet Étoile Canada. Ashley has also completed the Advanced II Examination from the Cecchetti Society of Canada.

Lyria Yang

Lyria started learning modern dance and Chinese dance when she was 4 years old. She is also good at play a traditional Chinese Instrument – Pipa and won several reward in China. She has also participated in some big productions and performances over the years. She mainly teaches Music Class, Adult Dance Class, and private Pipa.