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Academic Programs

Our Academic Programs approach education by not assuming what your child is capable of, but rather what they can achieve.


Age: 5-12

With Native Mandarin instructor, your kids will enjoy this class in an immersion style, in which kids can learn Mandarin most efficiently. We interactively teach kids listening, speaking, and writing utilizing fun Chinese props, and they will be able to understand the culture behind the language as well!

Beginner:   Saturday: 3pm – 4pm

IntermediateSaturday: 1:15pm – 2:45pm

Boy learns math doing addition, subtraction and multiplication with plastic numbers on a magnet board. Flat style cartoon vector illustration isolated on white background.
Mathematic (Chinese Curriculum)

Age: 5+

We planned math concepts into everything your child touches, observes, and experiences. For example, multiplication is taught with riddles at an early age, and then helping older students apply math to real world situations. This class also developed basic skills as a foundation for learning advanced math, and problem solving skills.

Saturday: 1:00pm -2:00pm